Power at Any Hour.

Canadian Solar’s EP Cube is a flexible, intelligent, and complete energy storage solution comprised of a Smart Gateway, hybrid inverter, and battery modules with capacity options from 9.9 kWh to 19.9 kWh per EP Cube unit.

It is expandable up to 119.9 kWh with six units connected in parallel with easy installation and modular design.

Freedom to Customize Storage Capacity

EP Cube offers easily customizable solutions. Installers design home energy storage (battery) solutions based on individual energy needs.

Energy is on-demand for the entire home, all the appliances, and additional needs like generators and EV chargers.

Self-consumption allows for energy independence, Time-of-Use (TOU) savings, and storage/consumption efficiency.

  • Battery module storage: 9.9-19.9 kwH
  • Stack up to 6 units in series for increased storage capacity 
  • Total usable energy capacity: 119.9 kWh storage / 45.6 kWh output

Power at Any Hour

Excess energy generated during the day is repurposed at night making the home independent from the public grid and unaffected by premium utility costs.

To reward residential solar investments and the public’s clean energy efforts, the government has instituted legislation that can cut costs significantly.

  • Inflation Reduction Act / Renewable Energy Credits Funds may apply
  • Low installation cost
  • Time-of-Use (TOU) savings, low energy bills
    (if any at all)
  • Minimum maintenance

All-in-one energy storage solution:
Battery modules, hybrid inverter,
and Smart Gateway

The EP Cube’s thin, sleek design takes up minimal wall space and can be ground or wall-mounted, inside or outside, since it’s weather-resistant. A versatile solution for any home, the EP Cube is installer-friendly and self-configured for seamless integration.

  • Compatible with DC or AC input, existing PV systems, and new residential solar projects
  • Fast, direct transition on/off-grid
  • Critical and non-critical load balance
  • Compatible with generators for long-term power outages.
  • Supports high-current, power input and output.

EP Cube’s battery module is slim and lightweight

The EP Cube’s battery module is slim and lightweight making it easier to ship, carry, and connect with any residential solar system. Integration is fast, smooth, and straightforward. Modules are self-configuring, and the EP Cube app makes commissioning easy.

  • Lightweight (1 module = 70 lbs)
  • Minimum crew required
  • In-app support/training/troubleshooting
  • Fast, clean connectivity

Smart innovation is built in

Residential energy storage requires smart innovation, technical detail, and sustainable features that serve a variety of needs. The EP Cube utilizes state-of-the-art software to operate on its own and efficiently power the whole home, all the time, at any capacity. Multiple energy modes for whole-home power – Seamless switches to home battery backup.

  • Full home backup protection
  • Mobile app
  • Smart Gateway (optimizes storage/consumption efficiency)
  • Self-configured to optimize energy savings, load management, and self-consumption

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Flexible, intelligent, and reliable, the EP Cube is built to last and is here to stay.

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